Work as we know it is changing radically.
This is the time to understand what is happening and how to deal with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and exponential technologies. Share your prevision of the future. Which jobs will disappear in what year and why, which will be the new ones to appear, how are we going to deal with the redistribution of hyper-productivity of smart companies, companies without employees? Collective intelligence might tell us what lies ahead, or how we can build our future. Write out your prediction (remember to point out year and reason), or vote or comment someone else's.

There is no future for "workers" in the future

Work is an obsolete concept created by economists to validate an economical system based on consumerism. This concept has been "consolidated" by religions worldwide, see " looking at the world right now i strongly believe that we will disrupt the concept of private property to lead people toward a world with no boundaries but in the mean time based on local economy, so i really think that in the future the jobs will go for the most will be based in the agriculture, and sustainable development, blockchain, robotic, moreover, if we do not stop this climate change, most of us will work in the sector in order to fix what we destroyed during these medieval era of our history. So there will be two categories, the artists on one side in charge of developing sustainability ideas and music ti ease the trauma from this centuries of "greed" and on the other a bundle of researchers ready to jump in new expediencies in order to turn in to facts the ideas from the artists :) easy peasy squeeze

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  • Jan 28 2019
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