Work as we know it is changing radically.
This is the time to understand what is happening and how to deal with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and exponential technologies. Share your prevision of the future. Which jobs will disappear in what year and why, which will be the new ones to appear, how are we going to deal with the redistribution of hyper-productivity of smart companies, companies without employees? Collective intelligence might tell us what lies ahead, or how we can build our future. Write out your prediction (remember to point out year and reason), or vote or comment someone else's.

One person One robot

Every person will have a "mirror" robot involved in production, and eventually this robot can be earned with schoolarship and provided by the States, so every person will have a share of the productivity. The sofistication of the robot can be related to person's education and ability to mantain and manage it. In this way people will be motivated to learn and improve their capabilties.

This will create a "public" productive base that will be developed and improved by the "private" sector. Essentially i see that the private will be responsible for technological and sistems' development and gain reward for growth of technology and productivity non strictly for production and trades of goods.

Such scenario predicts that a big change of our society and productive organization is needed, and this should happens pacefully, but i can't take this for granted, because it requires a big shift of power.

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  • Jan 17 2019
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