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The Future of Work

Work as we know it is changing radically.

This is the time to understand what is happening and how to deal with the Fourth Industrial Revolution and exponential technologies. Share your prevision of the future. Which jobs will disappear in what year and why, which will be the new ones to appear, how are we going to deal with the redistribution of hyper-productivity of smart companies, companies without employees? Collective intelligence might tell us what lies ahead, or how we can build our future. Write out your prediction (remember to point out year and reason), or vote or comment someone else's.

Your ideas

  • The future of work is in creativity

    End of existing jobs23 votes
  • 2050 - Real Estate property tax will become the major form of taxation

    How to redistribute hyper-productivity6 votes
  • 2022 - Micro-insurances go blockchain and are the first true smart companies

    Other6 votes
  • 2025: electric cars are sold more than traditional ones

    How to redistribute hyper-productivity5 votes
  • 2040 - Friday official non working day

    Other5 votes
  • One person One robot

    End of existing jobs4 votes
  • 2025 - The end of radiologists

    End of existing jobs4 votes
  • 2037 - The Last Notary

    End of existing jobs4 votes
  • a new relationship with God

    Other3 votes
  • Increase taxation for billionaires and billion dollar firms to provide basic income and continuous learning for people

    How to redistribute hyper-productivity3 votes
  • Countryside and nature

    New Jobs3 votes
  • There is no future for "workers" in the future

    End of existing jobs3 votes
  • Dalla paga oraria alla Toyota production system

    How to redistribute hyper-productivity2 votes
  • Ridistribuzione delle ore di lavoro

    How to redistribute hyper-productivity2 votes
  • 2030 - Smart companies will start to base themselves in Antartica for tax purposes.

    How to redistribute hyper-productivity2 votes

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